B Yoga of Weston Introduces:



What Happens In a Typical Class?

While practicing Aerial Yoga style exercise, students will move through the same basic elements of a floor practice accept that they will be elevated in the fabric or using the fabric for alignment for the entire class. Some postures will involve only partial support from the hammock, while others will require complete trust in the fabric as it supports 100% of the body weight. Begin with an Intro class which will cover all of the basic wraps of a Aerial Yoga, & expand into more advanced classes that explore variations & flows that will deepen your practice & keep your inner child wanting more.

Physical Restrictions

Please talk to the instructor before attending class if you have any medical issues that prevent you from inverting (glaucoma, heart condition, etc.) or putting pressure on your skin. If you have a spinal injury or medical condition, check with your doctor first.  If you have had botox or other skin fillers, wait 24 hours before doing inversions.  If you are pregnant please call instructor for modifications or request private lessons.

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